Crowdlending wins in credit

Crowdfunding was two important allies. On December 16, 2015, the Mediation of the Credit Enterprises and Participative Financing France (TTP) signed a partnership to promote their respective actions. In other words: the first will make the “pub” of the second and vice versa.

Good news for crowdfunding, and especially crowdlending. The TTP is an association launched in 2012 bringing together more than fifty crowdfunding platforms (including Charles Darnay). Among other things, it conducts lobbying activities with the public authorities, organizes the participatory finance conference and publishes the crowdfunding barometer.

A free solution to facilitate the professional loan

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For its part, the Business Credit Mediation is the result of a niche agreement signed between Bercy, the Banque de France, the National Credit Mediator and the French Banking Federation (FBF) following the financial crisis of 2008 which led banks to drastically tighten their lending conditions to businesses, especially the smaller ones.

VSEs and SMEs faced with a refusal to finance their projects may take this instance free of charge, which in turn will contact the financial institution and try to find adequate financing for the company and release the funds. 94% of SMEs obtain, on average, the requested investment credits and 80% the cash loans.

The first time you ask for a loan can be a stressful situation, especially if you are not sure how you will repay it in the future. Although people obviously resort to loans because of the need for quick money, it is always recommended that they have a plan to settle their debt in no time. Otherwise, there is a risk of falling into a spiral of over-indebtedness and bad history in the credit bureau.

An ideal lever for crowdlending

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Thanks to the partnership, the TTP now has indirect access to the more than 3,500 companies that apply for Mediation every year. The association should find here an ideal lever to raise awareness among entrepreneurs crowdlending, financing of small businesses and SMEs by individuals . Business leaders may then realize that it may be easier for them, or at least complementary, to obtain a loan from Internet users rather than from the banks as part of their financing plan.